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Robert Clark

Robert Clark & Fredrick Barthell is the founders of OWE wear, which is located is West Palm Beach, FL. OWE wear is an apparel company that originated from a former college athlete and his friend who succeeded from his work ethic.


  Mr. Clark has an associate degree from the University of Florida also, graduate of the University of Louisville, where he received his bachelors degree in interdisciplinary  Studies. After graduating from the University of Louisville, Robert continued his studies and collegiate football play at Samford University. Robert saw Samford as his final destination to showcase his talents on the field and catch the eyes of the NFL personnel. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as plan. Mr. Clark was faced with an injury, which caused him to leave the game he’s always loved for good. However, with exiting the game there was one specific trait that stuck with him. “Out Work Everybody” is the motto Robert always lived by. Robert Clark decided to brand his motto as an inspirational/motivational clothing line for others.

Fredrick Barthell

Fredrick Barthell played football for Glades Central high school in Belle Glade Florida, but his promising future shattered early morning of July 16, 2006. Glades Central Senior Defensive Linebacker Stanfield Watson, Senior Wide Receiver Curtis Brown, Senior Defensive End Leslie Fuce and Freshman Wide Receiver Fredrick Barthell was all coming home from watching a movie when their vehicle lost control flipping, running through a cemetery wall, killing his friend Stanfield and life threatening injuries to Fredrick, his oldest brother Curtis and his friend Leslie. Today Fredrick dedicate his everyday life to Stanfield Watson. Fredrick never thought about plan B until waking up from a dream late night in 2014. That dream spoke to him. 

You “OWE” it to yourself “OutWorkEverybody”  Fredrick believe it was Stanfield speaking to him. OWE was once a dream that turned into reality